Fallout 4 Bobble-Heads 13 cm Vault-Tec Vault Boy 111 Series 4 Set of 7

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Gaming Heads proudly presents the collectible Vault-Tec Vault Boy 111 Bobbleheads series 4 from Fallout 4! The series 4 includes Moving Target, Demolition Expert, Nerd Rage!, Radioactive Ricochet, Toughness, Sole Survivor and Big Leagues.

Introducing the commemorative bobblehead toy from Vault-Tec. By using a bobblehead, you agree to exempt Vault-Tec from all responsibility, warranted or otherwise, for any side-effect or usage, intended or otherwise, of this product. All points are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged, so plan accordingly. Failure for this bobblehead to improve your performance is almost certainly your fault, and cannot be held against Vault-Tec or its subsidiaries.

In a single carton, the bobbleheads are packed in individual boxes and has 1 of each style, 7 Bobble Heads in total!
Made of high quality PVC.

This set contains one of each style. Each individually packed PVC bobblehead stands approx. 13 cm tall.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item stock will ship from our warehouse on 30th June 2018. We will email you full Tracking details once its on its way to you!